To Increase Brain Power

Mental development systems are the methods by which the brain can do more of what it does now. That we need a higher IQ, a kind of recognition of our profession, our popularity and our assets, a better knowledge of speculation, we must ensure that the neurons of our brain can be a more effective and sustainable interface to neighboring neurons. and for the characters or correspondences between neurons to be uniquely transmitted and read.

That's all neurons do to humans, it's their interface and their communication. Everything that happens in our lives, every idea, development, every feeling is the result of the interaction and communication of neurons. Procedures for developing intellectual ability are therefore systems that are similar to those I use to manage the well-being of my mind, to combine and lend power.

Conversely, today, much data is collected around two boundaries of the human brain that were not long ago unknown: the neurogenesis or the ability of your mind to produce new neurons day after day, and neuroplasticity. the ability of your brain to revise your concerns. Neuroplasticity can occur within minutes, and the mind is incredibly versatile.

The vast majority of what I can do to develop intellectual ability includes lifestyle choices in some areas, exercise, food, rest, dashboard stress, and new learning encounters. including the use of automated systems of intellectual work. As I strive harder in these areas, my brain is more vividly responsive at this time, with more noticeable and conscious concentration and awareness. Not omniscience or transcendence.

Physical exercise to increase the performance of the brain

All the reviews I read suggest that the most important technique for developing mental abilities is physical work, which may indicate that it is extremely difficult to lift large dumbbells to the floor in the leisure center Organization of strong people who will take a peek. little effort.

It would be ideal if you had this picture. The physical activity demanded by the mind can essentially be an expansion of physical activity or achievement of a greater amount of what you do, as stated by Simon Evans, Ph.D., Paul Burghardt, Ph.D., Co-founder of Brainfit Forever, an extraordinarily interesting compilation of wellness advice focused on dynamic research.

Evans and Burghardt report that you do more to get started, for example, to run more and set up a random activity system. The advanced blood flow seems to be in every way what your mind needs to develop neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. In fact, at home in your storm cellar, you can take part in the exercise, which can only be incredible for the well-being of your mind.

A model I use includes HIIT supplements or high-intensity interim preparations, which you probably will not be surprised to see as it adapts perfectly to your well-being and the strength you need. , or can use, and you can build strength at your own pace while developing your mental abilities.

Power to increase the power of the brain

Your brain says something like 2% of your body weight but consumes 20% of your body fuel, and it requires a high octane number because it can not store its fuel. This indispensable fuel must contain everything your brain needs, and you will not find it in the foods you handle. To expand his livelihood intellectual capabilities, he plans to build up every day anti-cancer agents, minerals, nutrients, phytochemicals, glycoconjugates, fiber, etc., by consuming mature soil products. and private development.

This could be a surprise to your leader right from the beginning, as you may need to continue taking high fructose corn syrup that is processed in such a large number of foods that you will need at random. Develop your sanity. Ability, you will give this up. Unsaturated omega-3 fats are one of the key elements of increased intellectual performance as neurons are typically made from unsaturated omega-3 fats. Without omega-3 substitution, the neurons weaken and do not transmit or transmit the correspondences with such success, which distorts correspondences and intellectual abilities.

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are fundamental, which means that our body needs to take them out of your diet because they can not produce them. Fish is the best source, but the danger is that the fish will harm mercury. You can imagine improving your omega-3 fat and making sure that the improvement removes the mercury.

New learning experiences to increase brain power

Unpublished encounters are another pillar of intellectual ability. My mind is trying to learn now. The great majority of professionals in the field state that the best difficulty for the mind is to learn another dialect, another melodic instrument, or to take another profession.

Besides, there have been amazing advances in intellectual performance as modernized brainwork schedules are used, similar to Posit Science Brain Fitness, Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro, Lumosity, and Who Created Happy Neurons? I love that name. The Posit Science program was recently evaluated as part of an exploration mission called IMPACT, which was distributed in April 2009.

Originally, I was responsible for the Posit Science Organization and the opinion of Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., in a book entitled The Changing Brain by Norman Doidge, MD, which, in a flash, was interested in the thoughts of Professor Merzenich. So I bought the Posit Science Brain Fitness program and am happy that it can help me think about it for years to come. I think it's part of what I'll continue to achieve for my brain as I get older, alongside the exercises. , legitimate food, lots of rest, the stress of cadres and well-being of the modernized brain.

I will not be familiar with any other dialect or instrument. I can remember, but for my time, automated mental work patterns will be the best way to support neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. The projects I've recorded here are increasingly offering challenges that are an integral part of the contribution our minds need. The Mind Sparke program is an extraordinary device for extended IQ. It was appreciated by the research published some time ago in 2008. Besides, the Lumosity program is anything but difficult to use and can be used directly on your PC if needed, if you need a break lighting brain. I use it on customers and phone calls to revive the level of acetylcholine in my brain, like a nap I immediately remember.

Resting to increase brain power

As Evans and Burghardt discovered, the opportunities that arise during our recovery are critical to mental fitness. When we shorten our rest period, which is remarkable for each individual, we limit our brain's ability to rotate through certain hormonal occasions and combined memory efforts. Having a tendency not to allow the mind to end these races means reducing the intellectual faculties rather than expanding them. I also know that short breaks bring me back to life during the day.

Stress management to increase brain performance

So one of the keys to more mental fitness is relaxation? It seems irrational, is not it, when we surround ourselves, we see how individuals exercise science and continue to pressurize it to generate reward and creation. Nevertheless, stress hormones stop neurogenesis in the same way as ethyl alcohol. It is therefore important to deal with the science of current pressures and possibly to use them when we are attacked when we need to act to save our lives.

If I am surprised by a higher gas load than expected, I have to start relaxing as soon as possible. For humans, it may take 20 minutes for the hormones to be released from my mental and physical pressure. Deep breathing is a very practical tool. Belly breathing, like a child before exercise, is a modest and surprising antidote. A deep, normal breathing and a concentrated light on the rest encourage me to keep my body at the forefront of DHEA, the anti-aging hormone that benefits a multi-year parent.

I discovered research on top gun pilots in the Navy that showed that the best pilots who knew this preparation were the ones who could change their brainwaves from beta-mental waves or focus on alpha waves, or to relax the attention from outside much time back. At the end of the day, they explained the brain work and then quickly lost control. HearthMath is a brilliant device to promote this type of brain activity.