Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Work?

Nitric oxide is a gas that is formed in the body by the decomposition of L-arginine to L-citrulline by a protein collection called nitric oxide synthase (NOS). Although NO2 is used for some objects, in this article we will talk about its ability to promote blood circulation.

Once everything is said, the improvement organizations guarantee that the NO2 improvements can:

Recovery after training

Increased protection against heavy tiredness

Increase in work performance

These three cases are largely based on the assumption that extending blood flow to muscle tissue allows clients to handle cases that complement the proposed organizations. Many other variable factors can influence your mass development and quality gains, such as B. Your general diet and preparation. So, once your eating routine and preparation are set, your body can make more raw materials with a NO2 supplement than with a similar eating routine and a free preparation system. Nitrogen oxide.

There is no uncertainty that increasing NO2 increases blood flow. Just ask everyone how to take a nitric oxide supplement and he'll tell you that the blood is generously distributed. But does this blood flow lead to the desired results? Or is it for most a psychological favorite position of Siphonneigung!


Vasodilation is the process of unwinding the veins, which allows them to carry more blood to and from the active muscle tissue. Vasodilatation (in high concentrations) is activated at the onset of activity, as the oxygen and supplement requirements increase during this period. The method of vasodilation is influenced in exceptional cases by nitric oxide.

Considerable levels of nitric oxide contribute to converting one catalyst (GTP) to another (GMP), which plays an important role as an ambassador for, among other things, the progression of vascular smooth muscle and induces vasodilatory effects. In the same way, at a limited level of nitric oxide, vasodilation may not rise to the level that allows for maximum performance.

Vasodilation occurs when high levels of nutritional supplements have to be transferred to the muscles to create vitality. The vasodilation itself is exceptionally affected and limited by the measurement of available NO2 since it has been found that limited formation of nitric oxide can cause vasoconstriction.

There is a tendency later to suggest that in the case where we can give the body the means to provide sufficient nitric oxide measurements, an adequate level of vasodilation can occur, allowing the body to make numerous measurements of dietary supplements active muscle for maximum energy efficiency.

What should be added to increase the NO2 content?

Most 'NO2' products that are available now use fixations, for example


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate



Since nitric oxide is released by the conversion of L-arginine, one can very well assume that its improvement with L-arginine influences NO levels. Be that as it may, previous findings no longer show a connection between oral arginine supplementation and nitric oxide levels. Tragically, the binding of L-arginine does not directly affect the rate of nitric oxide formation. Citrulline, the amino corrosive substance that converts L-arginine into the NO2 conversion process, appears to have a greater impact on nitric oxide levels when supplemented orally. In both cases, these amino acids alone do not seem to directly affect nitric oxide levels.


Insulin is a hormone of unimaginable importance that can be used to deliver nutritional supplements, including glucose, to muscle cells. It is a control agent for vasodilation and blood flow.

It is important to talk about insulin levels since it has been suggested that the effects of insulin on vasodilation depend on its ability to be influenced, eg. From the amount of insulin that can be released when taking starchy foods. These studies led to the conclusion that the production of nitric oxide by insulin may be lower in insulin-resistant individuals than in individuals who are sensitive to the effects of insulin delivery.

There is a tendency to extrapolate the fact that an increase in insulin levels can lead to hyper-vasodilation, and indeed this has occurred in future investigations.

By what method can insulin be increased to cause vasodilation?

The aforementioned products used in many nitric oxide products improve the ability of insulin to be controlled in the body; They, therefore, increase vasodilation by increasing insulin levels and have no immediate effect on L-arginine transformation.

How are NO2 supplements best complemented?

Insulin is directly linked to the absorption of sugar; When much starch is consumed, larger amounts of insulin are removed. Therefore, many powdered NO2 additives combine their bonds with fast-acting base sugars, such as dextrose, to develop vasodilation and a "siphon". These starches are transported to the muscle by binding the sugar in the cells and covering it like a dinghy, increasing the volume.

Powdered products are usually taken before exercise, just as supplementing with simple sugar at another time is not recommended. Nitric oxide pills contain no sugar and have a slower effect on vasodilation by increasing the ability to influence insulin. In this sense, sugar intake is prescribed during exercise to account for the best vasodilation option through the use of insulin.

The requirements

Previously, the three most common causes of development organizations were raised, and on the whole, it can be very well-accepted that the improvements of NO2 can lead to these results (it is clear that various elements can have an impact). An increased insulin response associated with NO2 supplementation may allow the client to improve the supplementation results.