The Focus Factor

At one point, did you see how revolutionary it was to coordinate our feelings, our activities, and our practices? For example, I caught a real seal on Interstate when I passed a track bounded by massive blockages. It turned out that my reasoning was very dependent on these blockages, which often caused a feeling of frenzy that I could meet at any time. Maybe you had a similar encounter or something similar.

Well, it's the same miracle - the key factor - that helps to create a sense of anxiety about something uncertain or that you fear. Besides, it is our center that regularly decides our passion, our activities, our behavior, our observations and, ultimately, our results.

Try this test now: take 15 seconds, close your eyes and imagine the shade of red. Instantly open your eyes and look at the room. What do you see? If you are like me and any other person with whom I have tried this activity, you will see all that is red, without exception: a red pencil, the red on a photo or a household object, the red in a delivered. We are programming ourselves to recognize what is happening and to eliminate other tangible information that does not fit our preprogramming.

To sketch the other side of this "central factor", do not think of the shade of blue. Please do not consider the next 15 seconds as blue. Check your room or office again. As I suspected, your eyes have always focused on everything invariably blue. The room is swimming in blue! Again, the reason for this activity is not to decide if you are partially blind, but to demonstrate that our purpose, whether positive or negative, becomes the crucial component of what we find in everyday life. To be clear, our center is self-reinforcing, is unavoidable and takes a look back at future attractions.

When I speak openly, I often observe how the "central factor" has a significant impact. People who see the fear in fear and consider the most striking events will usually have encounters that amplify their most striking feelings of fear. People who imagine that the public is overwhelmed by what they have to say and give them positive reviews will generally experience it. Do you know someone who has sworn here and there that in everyday life he would never look like his mother, his father or any other pessimistic model and became an identical representation of that individual? As you saw in the blue exercise, nothing can be called "non-reflective". What we struggle for and strive to maintain a strategic distance becomes what we encounter and imitate as we focus on mental and enthusiastic vitality on these negative images.

Ask yourself this week about what you are focusing on in your life and on your business. Do you usually see more of your deficiencies or qualities? It is safe to say that you focus on how you do not care about your life, your life partner, your business, your employees? Is it true that you invest in energy management and focus on strengths and funds in the market? Moreover, what results would you derive from your main interest? Is it true that you have more remarkable satisfaction and the feeling that you have the opportunity to describe your predestination or misery and a superior attitude that undoubtedly affects conditions that are permanent and beyond your control?

This week, focus on your center's place in different parts of your life and business. This week...

* Instead of focusing on staying in shape or being overweight, you want to be thin and strong

* On the other hand, not spending money first and foremost is gaining opportunities

* On the contrary, focus on not being obsolete, courageously trying every minute and having a picture of success

* On the other hand, you must focus on a soothing life