It's time for a new relationship with food

Similar to a handsome, a parent, a spouse, a mate or a roommate, we also have a connection to the diet. For now, it's up to you to decide how private or unwanted this relationship is. When you stop thinking about how much time you spend doing something, eating, preparing, or looking for food, you will probably be investing more energy in that energy than in other valued energy. Too much food is the answer to everything. We rushed there when we are unhappy, we give it as a foundation, we demonstrate our worship with it, we join it and we celebrate with it. This relationship started as a small child and seems to get more and more confused as we get older. In fact, food should not feed our emotions, but nourish our body.

We eat too much, too little or just for comfort and joy. Despite the fact that we choose to change our eating habits, here and there we follow health improvement plans, such as Jenny Craig's weight loss, for pre-packaged dinners. Mentally, we can feel a certain feeling that will trigger your need to enjoy your hunger. Remember that desire is just a passion and not an order. Many people refer to food on certain occasions, such as excursions, weddings, birthdays and various festivals. It is important to try to isolate this movement of supply. For example, they watch movies and, even if you have already eaten a sumptuous dinner, you do not like popcorn, but the fact that you go out to watch it after a while as a partner. If you separate this action from your nutritional decision, you will never bring that trigger back for dinner.

Diet is a need to overcome your unhappy relationship with it. You should almost certainly determine the contrasts between enthusiastic desire and physical desire. Physical desire is born from within, while enthusiastic appetite is stimulated by the smells, certain nutrients you see or the feelings of the past. You have come a little closer to a solid association to be able to consider these distinctions first. By taking this awareness, you are ready to introduce some improvements into your constant life.

Some different ways to start recording your new relationship are to start with a food diary. You can record every day what you need to eat and how hungry, sincere and physical, and how it affected you. Then look for up to 14 days in your journal and look for examples. You can spend most of your time watching TV or you may think that you are eating bad food when you are not hungry, causing misery and lamentation. Also find real-life examples of how you feel when you eat a good dinner, when your body really needs it, or after you have exercised. Reward yourself for these sound examples.

Since you are a little boy, you have become an intimate association with the diet. This relationship will usually lead to some kind of enthusiastic blame and lament when we settle down. It is time for us to look at nutrition and be grateful to strengthen our body, rather than our biggest adversary, whose strategic distance we can not keep. In fact, it is not an easy task, although everyone can do it, it starts by recognizing first of all what your relationship to nutrition looks like. It is time to change the way we focus on a healthy lifestyle that values ​​the proximity of livelihoods.