You're Not Fat, You Are Over-Acidic

Fat saves the day or does it?

During my constant visits to the store, I saw a sign saying, "You are not overweight, you are too acidic." What a fascinating way to consider this problem is more and more what we see in today's society!

Corrosive waste passes through the body into the bloodstream until it is eliminated by the kidneys or becomes a fatty food. Due to the high levels of food, drink, and water we consume, this caustic is administered in fat camps and is not wiped as expected by the kidneys and liver.

These fatty deposits are as far removed from our basic organs as it would be reasonable. from now on, the weight gain that usually occurs on the chest, back of the head, thighs, and belly. To take a closer look, this fat protects our lives by protecting the basic organs of our body from harmful corrosive waste.

Anyway, these greasy cases pose different problems. Cholesterol is simply a case of corrosive waste that has been processed and stored for later disposal, which may never happen. We are also overweight. The body spared the main organs of detoxification, which resulted in major falls.

Studies have shown that overweight people have lower water content than people who have a fixed weight. By prolonging the use of hexagonal water, the metabolism of the overweight person can increase, which facilitates the loss of accumulated fat reserves.

Legitimate limb increases to higher digestion. Higher digestion leads to less fat. Weight loss and high vitality are much easier to achieve when the body's pH is adjusted. Antacid water and soluble nutrients help the body in its efforts to return to a characteristic "adjusted" state. In this rational expression, the body can respond more quickly to weight loss.