The Power of Your Mind

As we begin to discuss the intensity of the mind, I think of the usual saying, "Your thoughts create your life," and wonder if this is very possible! In my previous post - "Does your personality make you disease resistant?" Have we explained why some people suffer from incessant diseases and why some do not suffer, and it is all conceivable that these are our thoughts?

Give me the chance to give you a model of my own life ... My brother was classified as maliciously grown by marriage and could at best hope for a life of five years, a dreadful situation of two years. Instead of being discouraged by the circumstances and looking grim, his first reaction was to resist this prognosis and refute his doctor.

Instead of tolerating this death penalty, he looked for optional treatments that would enable him to overcome this obstacle in his daily life. As he researched and found out as much as he could about his condition, he began to take home improvements, eat natural foods, drink green tea and play around to save him playing. positive personality. "Realize what you want and be in harmony with it", focus on one focus at the end of the day, repair it and reach the final destination. The mystery, however, was that he never had a final destination, he kept moving it as he approached.

However, during his treatment, about two years after the first analysis, he became extremely ill and was told that he was about to die. By the time her daughter went abroad and was selected, she would be brought home before her return (a 24-hour trip in addition to the travel time, so it would take 36 hours in any case) at home. Through his agony, he said that he hoped his little girl would come back because he expected to see his daughter and apologize for having shortened his trip. Although most of us did not accept that he would endure the night and that his daughter would go home for a memorial service. Anyway, he had the opportunity to see his little girl and was beginning to show signs of improvement. We are still in the present, ten years after we were analyzed and informed that it will only be five years! Then he explained that he had set his next destination the same morning when his little girl came back: to see her tied up.

It is therefore important to get the clarity you need and to balance body and mind. Representation is an important element of this process of the mind. The masters tell you that representation is "fundamental": just find a quiet place, relax, close your eyes and imagine what you need with the clearest detail you can reasonably expect: what you see would. Listen and feel when the goal is reached. grown from now on. They simply tell you to use your creative mind and later introduce yourself as if you had now accomplished what you needed.

At the moment, you may have tried to do it, even though you've found that it's not that easy, but there's an approach that takes into account that nobody describes you. It has proven to work for a large number of specialists, competitors, entertainers and effective pioneers. This technique consolidates the intensity of the trance with the perception of an ultra-revolutionary mixture. This encourages you to program your brain so that everything you do not need is removed, and just what you need is extracted.