7 Tips for Portion Control

One of the reasons I'm fat is that I eat too much. Not just the unhealthy stuff that can be so appealing, but also the healthy stuff. I eat a lot more solid foods because my stupid mind usually compares sounds to weight loss. If that does not sound, it should mean thin ... False.

Brown rice still has calories and three full dishes are just as nutritious as ordinary white rice ... With all the vitamins B nutrients, on the contrary, you are a less firm stone than an unstable stone.

So how much should I eat a meal?

Your stomach is usually the size of your tight hand. So, in a perfect world, you should not eat more than this sum in a solitary dinner and dinner should be in a perfect world of new foods that you have prepared yourself.

  • In general, 60% of your dinner should consist of fresh vegetables or natural products
  • 20% consists of starch suspensions and whole grains. (Potatoes, pasta, bread, cereals, rice)
  • 10% if the creature must contain protein (meat, fish, eggs, beans and other protein sources other than milk)
  • 9% of dairy products or high calcium and magnesium content
  • 1% bindings and characteristic fats and oils such as olive oil

Various tips for portion control

  • Take time to eat so that your mind can register when you are full. When it's full, stop eating!
  • It's hard to keep food on the plate, especially if you're told to think early about impoverished youth in India, but letting it go is a decent trend to embrace. A lot of food can be cooled and reheated the next day.
  • Try not to cook too much, and think internally: "It does not matter, I can use it tomorrow for a plate of mixed green." It only works this way from time to time and it is incredibly easy to simply complete it.
  • Try not to use large plates because you may want to use more. The size of the plates has increased by 25% since the seventies.
  • Give the children their small plates and serve them small pieces regularly.
  • Never feel influenced by something to do. Few people will be crushed if you reduce a subsequent change. Moreover, if they miss the chance to be real companions, they get it.