The Difference Between Steroid Abuse and HRT

There is no way to avoid the aging of our bodies. As we approach middle age, typical testosterone production in the body begins to decline by one to two percent each year - through this can generally change. About one of the men will meet at the age of 50 years or in the vicinity of the so-called "andropause", which is the side effect of a decrease in androgen in the body. To combat the manifestations of andropause, many men either go to steroids or hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The signs of andropause change first by decreasing and then follow another, but maybe reminiscent of a decrease in vitality (rest), a decrease in moxie or a decrease in enthusiasm for sex, and erectile fracture (ED), Muscle weakness, drowsiness, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings or melancholy and this is only the beginning. Due to the proximity of side effects to what women bring to menopause in the connection that andropause is sometimes "Menopause" called, although not completely closed in males the conceptual framework as in men. Women. it goes back.

Steroids are not unknown in the world of health training/bodybuilding, but more and more "normal people" need steroids with the ultimate goal of fighting the effects of andropause and mitigating their effects. Effects. Legitimate steroids have their place and serve useful and essential purposes in medicine, but they are often mistreated. This is partly due to the unrestricted availability in fitness centers, fitness centers, online pharmacies, and escorts. This is only the beginning.

In addition to being illegal without recourse, steroids are known to cause a range of medical problems when taken without legitimate therapeutic control. The current adverse physical effects of anabolic steroid abuse are truly remarkable, but the effects of their use over long distances are not well considered.

The real problems arise when steroid customers become steroid abusers. They buy their steroids from the fitness center or a companion, manage them themselves, and manage their intake, rather than under the guidance of a therapy expert. This is a disaster waiting to happen. The moment you pay for steroids in the illegal market, the potential for dangerous effects is cosmic.

First and foremost, if you pay for steroids from the underground market, you never really know what you will get. Most steroids sold in the US in the city come from different countries where quality models can be overlooked at best. It is also important to take steroids, which are more likely to be for living things than humans, as they are usually cheaper but also potentially dangerous. There is also a prevalence of counterfeit or fake steroids in the US underground market. These can not only be risky but also dangerous.

Without much discussion of the subject, entire books were uncovered. Do the job by saying that the potential symptoms of self-directed/self-directed steroid treatment (abuse) are long. Dangers include emotional episodes, fluid retention, hair loss or shrinkage, contamination, testicular caries and the risk of bloodborne diseases. In any case, many medical experts say that all medicines show reactions and that the risk must be systematically compared to the potential reward. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a restored routine designed to duplicate the body's natural testosterone-forming cycles. Properly performed, HRT may have the advantage of reverting testosterone to the previous level without the tremendous response or safety risks associated with self-administered / self-regulated steroid patterns or abuse.

HRT begins with a blood test and a therapeutic evaluation to determine testosterone levels and identify potential health risks. This is an important and fundamental step to ensure that testosterone deficiency is the basis for the side effects of andropause and not for diabetes, hypertension or the consequences of taking certain medications. Drugs.

By HRT, testosterone is administered orally, by infusion or by transdermal structures (through the skin). A fourth strategy, a tablet that firmly adheres to the gums, has recently been confirmed by the FDA. HRT has been beneficial to men with andropause manifestations due to testosterone deficiency in many ways, including:

Increased libido

mass expansion

Increase quality

Improve the state of mind

Expand bone thickness

This is just part of the benefits of a properly controlled and controlled HRT program.

At the beginning of treatment, HRT recipients are monitored to detect possible symptoms or adverse reactions to the treatment. For the most part, however, this is not the case. The lion's share of the opinion of the HRT recipient is satisfied with the results, with mostly negative reactions or results being announced.

While a significant number of us like to think that we are smart people and recognize what we do with our bodies, the dangers of self-directed / self-administered steroid regimes far outweigh any potential benefits. Besides, the abuse potential is extremely high. If you think you have andropause or a testosterone deficiency, help yourself, seek the advice of a certified therapist and look for hormone replacement therapy as a treatment, not your companion at the treatment center.