Best exercises to tighten the legs

Legs or squats: If you are new to squats, I strongly recommend using the leg press at the leisure center. With this machine, you can perform the activity in a controlled and safe manner and work on your quads, glutes, and calves. First, sit on the inside of the machine, making sure your feet are snug against the width of the shoulders. Then press with the desired weight until you are standing upright by opening the discharge bars. Now step in gradually and bring your knees into your chest. Be careful not to bounce, but squeeze well with the leg muscles without blocking your knees. If you need to move forward a bit, pull your glutes together at the peak of each repetition.

Leg extension: Although it is a simple and essential development, we will increase the insert a bit to make your legs eat very well! Make sure the backrest is perfectly balanced so your legs fit easily with the padding on your shins. At the same time, you may need to change the height of the leg pad to make it more effective on your shins, which are immediately higher than your shoes. You need to be constantly under control, but this time you will not only raise and lower your legs but also keep your weight and make your quad muscles as hard as possible for a second or two. Do this to the utmost of each agent, and I guarantee you will feel and see a difference. Another thing you can do is lower the weight at the end of your set, remove your legs from the pillow, and fix and use your leg muscles for ten seconds. It will go to hell, but it will be justified, despite all the problems.

Hamstrings: This activity focuses on the hamstrings, for which the vast majority do not make every effort. Leg twists should be either lying, lying on the stomach or standing up. Most practice centers have both elongated and localized forms. Choose a machine and the position that suits you best. Choose a weight that is awkward but not burdensome to complete a 12-15 redundancy game. Again use moderately controlled developments by pressing hard at the highest point of each presentation. This activity is especially important to stretch the muscle before and after each set. A forward curve is the best extension for your hamstrings. Try to touch your toes for at least 20 seconds to breathe deeply and go a little deeper each time you exhale. Warm-up for 3s.

With these basic lower body activities associated with your expanded cardio system, you are well prepared to get the conditioned thin legs and buttocks you are looking for. When you soften the fat with your diet and exercise, these muscles are consolidated and conditioned and just want to show off their stuff. Remember that everything requires investment, a guarantee and a lot of sweat! Anyway, enjoy the procedure and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the results much more!